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Tablet devices and smart phones are the next big thing in programming. The global mobile applications market is expected to be worth $ 25.0 billion in 2015, growing at at CAGR of 29.6% from 2010 to 2015.Having the skills to develop applications for Smartphone and Mobile Devices prepares you for the future. Due to the popularity and demand of Smartphone's, Mobile Application, Programmers are in great demand. The need for skilled, Industry ready Android andi phone Application Developers is expected to rise massively in the coming years.

The iPhone has changed the way we as designers, developers, and creators view user interface design forever. The wonderfully elegant design of the device itself captivates people’s attention like no other gadget in history. Our society has never been as efficiently mobile and connected as we are today. Because of the technological advances in mobile’s recent history, you can be sure that people expect the apps that run on the iPhone to be equally appealing to the senses.

Introduction to MAC
- Introduction to xcode
- Xcode workflow Tools
- Creating and Building Simple Applications
OOPS Concepts
- Working With Variables and Constants
- Control Statements & Loops in Objective - C
- Introduction to Array and Pointers
- Protocols and Categories
Objective-c Memory Mgmt.
- Auto Release Pool-Using Accessor Method
- Control Statements & Loops in Objective -C
- Managing Memory Using Auto Release Pools
Interface Builder
- Document Window Workflow Tools
- Outlets and Actions
- Referencing Outlets
Introduction to Debugging
- Types of Debugging& Debugging Preferences
- Managing Program Execution
- Setting and Viewing Breakpoints
Introduction to Cocoa touch
- Design pattern of Cocoa-Mvc Design Pattern
- Foundation Classes,Value Objects, Collections
- Delegation
Building different types of applications
- View Controllers
- View Controllers and Types
- Creating View Controller Applications
Keyboard inputs
- Customizing the Types of Inputs
- Displaying, Dismissing of Keyboard
- Screen Orientations
File handling & basic data persistence
- Property List Types and Objects
- Property List Serialization
- Creating and Modifying of Data Using Plist
Working with Sqlite dat base
- Creating of Database & Using it in Iphone App
- Introduction to url Loading System
- Working on url loading system-rss reader
Integrating with core services
- Integrate iphone app with address book, maps
- Safari, mail, and other standard application
- Viewing and Analysing Traced Data

- Project Work
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