Our professional Web 2.0 Designing course will teach you the skills you need to design, produce and deliver websites and related content, and be ahead of the internet in a rapidly changing arena. You will cover three main areas: design, implementation and delivery using the cutting-edge tools and technologies used anywhere else in the industry.

The Web Designing course prepares the students to acquire concepts of digital graphics and equip them with a thorough knowledge of creating, image-editing and publishing graphics for web, print and the broadcast media.

1st Module IInd Module
- Fundamentals of Computer and Internet
- Concepts of Web 2.0 Designing
   - Introduction to HTML & DTDs
   - Working with HTML Tags
   - Creating Lists
   - Working with Images, Videos and Sounds
   - Linking, Mapping of Images
   - Working with Tables
   - Forms, Frames, Inline Frames
   - Search Engine Friendliness – META Tags
   - Understanding Dynamic HTML
   - Working with HTML, CSS and Javascript
   - Creating Dynamic Web Pages
   - Using Filters
   - Working With Events
- CSS (Cascading Style Sheets)
   - Getting Started with CSS
   - Text Styling and Other Basics
   - CSS and Images
   - Working with Div Tag
   - Navigation
   - Tabular Data
   - Forms and User Interfaces
   - Cross-browser Techniques
   - Accessibility and Alternative Devices
   - CSS Positioning and Layout
   - Introduction to JavaScript
   - Diff. b/w Client side and Server side Scripting
   - Working with If Statements
   - Working with Loops and Arrays
   - Working with Events and Functions
  - Understanding Graphics (Raster and Vector Graphics)
  - Understanding Color Modes
  - The Basics of Layers: Layer Functions and Creation
  - Understanding Channels
  - Working with images
  - Layer Styles
  - Photo Editing Tools
  - Working with Various Photoshop Tools
  - Color Adjustments
  - Filters
  - Working with 3D Tools
  - Web Template Designing
  - PSD to Html Conversion - Slicing
  - Introduction To Flash
  - Working With tools
  - Concepts of Animation
  - Color Effects (Tint, Alpha etc.)
  - Working with Colors in Flash
  - Working with images
  - Transforming and Aligning Graphics
  - Working with Text
  - Symbols and Library
  - Working with Movie clips, Buttons and Graphics
  - Adding Action Script to your Flash Animation
  - Creating Web Photo Gallery using Action Script
  - Forms
  - How to give links
  - Adding Video & Audio
  - Making Website using Flash
  - Introduction to Dreamweaver
  - Text Properties
  - Links
  - Common Tools
  - Images
  - Tables
  - Inserting Flash
  - How to design forms
  - Frames
  - How to create CSS Styles
  - Working with Photoshop template
  - Sample Website design
  - Drawing and Selecting
  - Working with Text
  - Working with images
  - Making Logos, Adds etc.
  - Tools
  - Bitmaps
  - Color Modifications
  - Export images
  - Creating Animated Adds / Banners
  - Uploading and Downloading WebPages
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